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Fast-Dry Eyelash Extend Adhesive .50oz

Fast-Dry Eyelash Extend Adhesive .50oz

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Reese Robert Beauty’s complete line of eyelash extension products allows the professional to offer long, luscious and beautiful lashes that are waterproof and lasts up to two months with touchups in between.

Our professional collection features a fast drying adhesive that is made in the USA for unsurpassed quality, safety and comfort of your clients.

Storage With container tightly closed, store away from sunlight in a cool, dry environment between 65°F - 75°F. Overly humid climates will affect the adhesive’s bond. A humidity level of 50% is ideal. Should the ideal storage environment be unavailable, refrigeration is recommended to prolong the life of the adhesive. Remove from the refrigerator 90 minutes prior to use for best results. Life of adhesive prior to opening is 10 months. Life of adhesive after opening is 3 months.